Alarm system and monitoring are two different systems, but often cooperate with each other to provide comprehensive protection of a building, apartment or other objects.

The alarm system consists of motion detectors, window and door openings, smoke detectors and other devices that signal potential hazards. These devices are connected to the alarm control panel, which receives signals from the detectors and, if necessary, triggers an alarm in the form of an audible or light signal or sends information to the security company or the owner of the facility.

Monitoring, on the other hand, consists in continuous monitoring of objects with the help of cameras that transmit the image to the monitoring center. Operators who monitor the image on an ongoing basis can react if anomalies or suspicious behaviour are detected. Monitoring can be installed both inside and outside buildings, and recorded footage is used to identify people involved in crimes or incidents.

Both systems can cooperate with each other by connecting the monitoring cameras to the alarm control panel, which allows for immediate transmission of the image to the monitoring operators if an alarm is detected. This way, you can react faster and more effectively to a threat or anomaly.

Intrusion detection systems for:

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